The Stack Exchange Statistics Explorer was created to help provide public access to regularly updated data to allow for interested parties to examine and analyze the performance and health of all sites in the Stack Exchange network.

Data Acquisition

All data provided in this database is gathered from the Stack Exchange API at approximately 00:00:00UTC+00:00 on a daily basis. All data is provided as-is and is the rightful property of Stack Exchange. A list of all sites is gathered from the Stack Exchange API, then each site is queried for basic statistics (number of questions, answers, votes, etc.). All data is inserted into the database and then provided to the public at 00:30:00UTC+00:00.

Known Data Issues

For a list of all known issues with data collected (errors/inconsistencies) please visit the Known Data Issues page.


This website is not directly affiliated with Stack Exchange or Stack Overflow. This website stands as it's own resource utilizing data collected from Stack Exchange. As such, use of this software is subject to the original terms of data collected from the Stack Exchange API.


You can contact the developer of the Stack Exchange Statistics Explorer on Twitter @EBrown8534, or interact with us on GitHub.


If you wish to contribute to the Stack Exchange Statistics Explorer project, you can do so in one of several ways:

Disclaimer: the budget for this project is $0.00 USD, please do not expect any compensation from me for any contribution you might make. I will gladly include your name/information and a description of the contribution on this website somewhere, but I cannot afford to pay anyone for any involvement with this project.